carle costa guitar
“The concert reached a point of intimacy and sensitive communion, that the audiences breath became a
part of the composition.”
Horacio Lapunzina, Diario Uno, Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina, 15.08.2005
“Costas´s versions of Villa-Lobos Douze Etudes for guitar are as close to the rain forest as they are to
Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier.”
Dean Frey, The Villa-Lobos Magazine, Canada, Tuesday 10th April 2012
“Virtuoso of the guitar, specialist of the contemporary and avant-garde repertory.”
Silvano Picchi, La Prensa, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dezember 1984
” Carlé Costa, revelation of the Ushuaia International Classical Music Festival 2011, created an
unsurpassed climate of intimacy, beauty and art.”
Pablo Kohan, La Nación, Argentina, 20th April 2011
“Carlé Costa reveiles worlds beyond our imagination so that we desire for more to visit those places again
and again.”
Dr. Lynn McGrath, Concert-guitarist,Tour-Director of “Guitar Foundation of America”, USA
“Great mastery interpreting his own humanistic music. Warm communication with the audience.”
Anders Bragsjö, Uppsala Nya tidning, Sweden, 05.02.2003
“Carlé Costa is author of a profound and risky, sophisticated and highly developed concept of the classical
Alessandro Podestá, Rumbosur, Uruguay, 2008